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Back and Forth

Strange Clouds


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May 01, 2012
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frankatank3000's picture

b.o.b is my idol he is a great rapper if not the best i love where are you i love ghost in the machine i love his new mixtape he is amazing b.o.b best of best

kelvin gregory's picture

b.o.b best for life!

Beyoung21's picture

B.o.B I saw green clouds moving back and forth very quickly in the sky on the night you released the trailer for Strange Clouds, ever since then I've been a huge fan. I hope I get to see them again B.o.B.

nahidabdullah's picture

Strange Clouds is probably the best album ever

ju8gg969's picture


ToopyJ's picture

i can honestly say that B.o.b is an artist.
he is one of the few modern rappers that has such a unique and tasteful approach to his lyrics and songwriting. every song he has given us, speaks volumes for our generation and today's outlook on life. I am very picky with music, and I'm usually not big on rap but, he is more than a rapper. i think he is a memorable poet and his poems will play on repeat on my ipod for a long time. i thoroughly look forward to more of his work.
Many rappers today cant even scratch the surface of his lyrical depth and honesty.

RichardsB's picture

This album is the best sh*t I've heard! All I can say is WOW!

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allboutMeMe's picture

this song reminds me so much of Joy Deja King 'Im The Bomb'. i think its because of his voice. idk either way, watch the music vid. she's awesome!!!

allboutMeMe's picture

its funny how i can love rap like this and then love stuff like Number 1 Playaz's 'Put Me In The Game'. they are both so different but both so good. check out my boys. i love them

Danezz's picture

One Word ... Genius !! ... The Dude Is Simply Amazing ... Actually Extraordinarily And Unapologetically Amazing

kelvin gregory's picture

i like your songz so damn chang ma mind

kelvin gregory's picture

i like you homie

RyanKowaltzke's picture

heey bruhh here's a remix for so good

Dor koren's picture

cant live without ur songs b.o.b, i love u!!!!!

AirplanesFyingOutOfMyMind's picture

B.o.B is hands down the best rapper, but when is he coming out with the bonus tracks for itunes? He tweeted that we would absolutely get itunes bonus tracks and that they would be different from the Target bonus tracks.

chizzielurvsbobby's picture

B.o.B is definately the most poetic in this planet..all the tracks on his album mare sooo amazing

JoshTacozBurritoz's picture

frekin epic

anonymous_16's picture

I see why B.o.B has put Bombs Away as the first track. Listen to the lyrics guys. But before that watch The Arrivals on youtube. IT'S A MESSAGE GUYS.

B.o.B is amazing, he risen up all by himself, without 'their' help. His music is original, beyond amazing, one of a kind. Heck, it's revolutionary. The song Bombs Away is definitely my favourite track in this album, next to Strange Clouds.

B.o.B, rock on! Don't let 'em bring you down, i love your confidence.

chizzielurvsbobby's picture

This is so not fair..all the way in nig,when will i get to meet my favourite rapper..hoping when i get 2 canada college i'll be able to meet you and these tracks are so good

MichaelBrown's picture

Man, I hate being in the UK when I have to wait till the seventh of may to get :P but i'm buzzing, on beast mode, cant wait for strange clouds!!!!!!

KiaraSimonePalmer's picture

I am feeling these tracks, ready for album to drop! Marry Me b.o.b!

StephenTigerLewis's picture

Album looks very promising thats for sure, from the 6 songs Ive heard they are all good.

Freestyle607's picture

lmao of guys wait for the whole album to come out b4 u say that its different all u heard is 6 songs from 20 songs ... wow

omarme's picture

Hey Bobby i have to say somthing well i compared your songs like No mans land and Ill be in the sky to other songs like Strange Clouds and How bout dat have u seen the difference i like all those songs but i have to say the older ones are better they are more inspirational im trying to say not only me but other big fans WANT THE OLD BOBBY BACK i hope u read this thanks

thebestbob's picture

b.o.b mak a song with hopsin again or kid cudi and keep making songs where are you and so good

jgriff8199's picture

What? Did I just hear MTV award? Or was it GRAMMY?

jgriff8199's picture

Where are you, Dont let me fall, Generation lost, Play the guitar, to name a few of the best. How is Generation Lost not on the radio? Where Are You better be on the radio soon.

RhysAitchison's picture

bobby ray! your get better with everysong, loving where are you and dont let me fall

feq113's picture

BoB is one of the few rappers right now that is getting better with every song he releases

Rhymes and Reasons's picture

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