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    Feedback and Suggestions
    SAYS WebCrew
    (24 May '10)

    Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

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on May 24, 2010
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Post your feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, in this new thread.

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Hey why can't I listen to any of the music? I think you should just post all your music on your website. If you don't want people to steal it just put it up on the site first. Then to hear it they have to go to this website (traffic is money right?) so it's really a win-win solution, especially since the people who are going to buy the CD or digital file for their own collection probably still will anyway. So get it together and organize your site while you're at it to make it more visually workable.

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Can you come to IU (Bloomington, IN) and/or do a music video about IU college life?

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what happened to the old b.o.b? cloud 9, ill be in the sky, generation lost? whats up wth head band and wick shit? what happened to songs like the watchers? where u stated ur opinion against illuminati? u sell ur soul for this rap game too? b.o.b used to be the shit the real deal but lately with songs like headband and kemosabe ive wondered if hes a rapper or a mindless talentless puppet as his fames went up his real skill has went down. we still in this bitch? thts just pathetic what happened to music wth a point coming from him. mainstream has changed him. hip hop went from real to now only havin a few real rappers like the game and hopsin and b.o.b was there but now he comes out wth this bs pathetic

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Hi. I am a young Zimbabwean producer and I make good instrumentals. If you want to hear some, please contact me on

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I'm gonna go a little Macklemore here and comment that B.o.B is "---king awesome!" That being said, once again, B.o.B: "Where Are You"?

Still no B.o.B on the radio but certainly an overkill of his "Nothin' On You" partner Bruno Mars -- B.o.B certainly deserves more attention on the hit radio stations but his record label and the radio stations seem to have pretty much "put him to bed."

B.o.B: Why aren't the radio stations playing more of your great tunes? Why isn't Atlantic Records promoting you better? Strange Clouds has been out for almost a year yet still nothing more from that great second album! Where are the real B.o.B fans about this issue?

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Good Morning,

I think you guys should add a link for booking B.O.B makes it easier.

But I am looking to book BOB for an event in his hometown Atlanta in late july. Wanted to know if his manager, booking agent or him directly can contact me in regards to the matter. The event will be to promote my promotion company which is mainly up north but we are looking to expand to more of the down south region .

mY email is

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hey my name is Bobby-Rae and when i first heard B.0.B i was so excited to hear my name in a song. i thought i may hear it in a hick country song but never a rap song! i love it! I live in Canada and i have never met anyone with the name Bobby-Rae. You sound awesome B.o.B keep it up!

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Can you please listen to Jase Da Issue on Sound Cloud I have no idea how to get in contact with you but I know you guys are a great match together please please please.. he is too dope not to be heard by someone as talented as you.. keep up all your hard work yo! everytime I hear you I am floored RNS

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B.o.B. Never change what you do or how you do it just keep doing what you do

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As an admairing fan, I believe your music videos could use some more work. All your songs have meaning and a message, but when it comes to your Music Videos it looks like you're just taking random shots in between your tours, making your videos kind of boring. I love your music, but your videos... not so much. I can offer some feedback if you'd be willing to listen to what I have to say, also in your interview of your first album you said you always wanted to make a cartoon, I have an idea that I think you might like. I'm just a college student at RIT/NTID, but I have big ideas, and if giving a minute of your time, I'd like to share some with you.

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You should consider doing a song with Emeli Sande. I think you guys would sound great together. So, when you have time, hit her up and make a good song. Once it becomes a big hit, I need 5%. LOL

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There must not really be that many B.o.B fans out here among us after all! Here I am, yelping about the lack of B.o.B on the radio; "So Good" held up for about a couple of months on the radio, "Both of Us" showed up for about a couple of weeks before disappearing off the radio, and the album certainly has at least four cuts that could become hits on the radio and the charts, but still nothing showing up on the radio and really no one fussing about it! Once again: B.o.B, "Where Are You"? <<a definite should-play on the radio!

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B.o.B fans in all other areas of the USA, are your radio stations playing any B.o.B at all? Jacksonville (FL) area radio is still playing no B.o.B despite the numerous great tunes available on "Strange Clouds"! B.o.B, "Where Are You"? Why are you not on our Jacksonville radio?

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Why do I make so much fuss about the lack of B.o.B on the radio?

(Why?) 'Cuz they got Nothin' On You baby (n-n-n-nothin' on you baby, n-nothin' on you), nothin' on you baby (n-n-n-nothin' on you baby, n-nothin' on you)...

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Still no B.o.B on the radio in Jacksonville, FL! "Both Of Us' showed up for a little while, "So Good" has disappeared completely off the radio, right along with the benchmark "Nothin' On You" and "Airplanes"! WTF, why no B.o.B on the radio? Someone from the Jacksonville area, please give me an idea why we are hearing no B.o.B on the radio!

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Please Bob come to Germany! A lot of people loves you, i can't remember that you ever been here. Before you take other cities then my city, i said to you in which you have to come. Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich are the most important cities you have to come. Thanks

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BoB would like to come to chile please :) would be happy for the rest of my life :)

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Does an Instrumental and/or Acapella exist for the song "Bombs Away"?
If not, are there plans to release them?
Thank you

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(Repost from May 21 as I was unable to edit that comment)

Please make sure that the radio stations across the USA play other songs off of "Strange Clouds" including the title song Strange Clouds, "Where Are You (B.o.B vs Bobby Ray)," and "Out of My Mind" featuring Nicki Minaj (I love the reference to "Airplanes" by Nicki!). I see a potential for at least five hit songs coming off this album!

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It looks I got something going by wondering why B.o.B seemingly disappeared from the radio lately ... Just a few minutes ago, one of our hit-radio stations just played out "Both of Us" from his new album, so here's guessing that's going to be the next featured number from his second album. Now I'll see about getting these guys to get "Nothin' On You" and "Airplanes" back on the sound waves!

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1.) B.o.B Needs To Come To Pennsylvania
a. I Sware He Skips Us Like ... He Goes To NYC , NJ , MA , & Then Just Skips Over Pennsylvania :(
2.) B.o.B ("SHOULD") Start Answering People Back On Twitter ...
b. I Be Feeling very unappreciated as a fan, especially since i devote like 99.9% of my time advocating him, his album, and watching and reading all his interviews (and payinn 17 damn dollars for the bonuss CD LOL)Btw, Notice I Said "Should".

Otherr Than That B.o.B is A Wonderful Artist With A Lot Of Talent ... Him And His Accent Is Sexyyyy Haha

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Can someone please explain to me why, as of June 7, 2012, that we are no longer getting any B.o.B on the radio? Strange Clouds has plenty of potential hits yet we are not hearing any of it, at least in the Jacksonville (FL) area. For that matter, we've been hearing more B.o.B on ESPN than on the hit radio stations around here! WTF? B.o.B deserves the same support that other artists receive on the radio! So why no B.o.B on the radio?

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@airplanesfyingoutofmymind Thanks for bringing that to our attention, the only deluxe version of Strange Clouds is available at Target: Check out for the full tracklisting, buy links and audio player to stream some of the tracks. WebCrew

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Why does the homepage say exclusive deluxe version of strange clouds for itunes when there is no deluxe version on itunes?

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Juz a suggestion for u: Please make a song with David Archuleta...he's got a very good voice...

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Hi, why the deluxe version is not available in France ?