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    SAYS WebCrew
    (22 Dec '09)

    What is your favorite B.o.B EP/mixtape/single? What songs do you want to hear on the new record?

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on Dec 22, 2009

What is your favorite B.o.B EP/mixtape/single? What songs do you want to hear on the new record?

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It's very hard to have a favorite from Bobby Ray, I am not even sure he can pick a favorate. lol... I have to say, each song hit me in a different way, I love them all, it's like having all these kids running around, you can't jus say "Oh, this one is my favorite" that's how I feel, I can't say this or that one is my favorate, THAT WOULD BE A FAT LIE. Because I LOVE THEM ALL ! ! ! thank you Bobby Ray for your realness, tactfulness, truthful thing ness, lol... but you know I love me not some, but A LOT OF BOBBY RAY! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Overall, I'd say Hi! My Name is B.o.B is my favourite mixtape... it was the first tape I had heard from B.o.B and was definitely fiending afterwards. Fav tracks include Left Field, Do Anything/One Day, Grip yo body, Sing my Song, plus the touched-up versions of Cloud 9 and Haterz... and the skits are priceless, can't deny that.

I really liked B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray as well, mostly since the majority of it was self-produced. I totally think Bobby Ray dominated that tape though, too many good tracks haha.

Since then the singles have been crack and the one off the new tape "The Biz" is solid too. Yo Brandon where did you hear about potential Coldplay and Weezer collabs? Em and Lupe were the ones he announced and T.I. should be a given...?

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I agree with everything Brandon said.

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past my shades...

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B.o.B vs Bobby Ray was my favorite mixtape, but picking a favorite single is tough. Satellite and No Man's Land are great Bobby Ray songs, and Change Gon' Come was real good too. Plus the new singles, I Feed These Streets and Nothin On You. Too many to choose from. I guess it depends on my mood since he has songs that fit almost every mood possible.

I'm definitely curious to hear the Eminem, Lupe, T.I., Coldplay, and supposed Weezer collaborations on this album. But most importantly, I'd just like to see his first album be nice and full, about 17+ songs.