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Who do you think should get on the 'Nothin' on You' remix?

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    Who do you think should get on the 'Nothin' on You' remix?
    (14 Jan '10)

    Pick anyone.


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on Jan 14, 2010

Pick anyone.


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Jay Z, Black Thoughts, Lauryn Hill, Wale and or Lil Mama

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A remix of this song would be gross. The song is already fire and Bobby ray and Bruno come in hard for an excellent duo. I don't think he's gunna ruin it with a pointless remix that will trash the song.

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If you got J. Cole on it, i believe it'll be fire. Luda could also hold it down but he's shined enough already wouldn't you agree?

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Yeah Cudi, those two are my favorites right now, maybe Kanye.

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Dude Kid Cudi all the way. There styles mesh pritty well

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adndre 3000

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I think Wale would be fun to have on the track

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I would say Andre' 3000 and Lupe' would go good on the RMX.

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Good call, Luda could probably do something nice with this beat.

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I think Ludacris would be really good on the remix. His verse alone would bring a lot more attention to this song. Not only that, but Ludacris' verse would probably be great.

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I'd really want to hear what J. Cole could do with this beat flow-wise. No doubt he can hang lyrically but I don't think he's come out with a track that sounds really poppy and upbeat (excluding Star is Born).For sure he can relate to the theme of the song, alot of his tracks are bout girls and all. It'd be a good look for him plus he's on the come-up (no pun intended). Benefits both sides.