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Back and Forth



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Lol my bad I finally saw "so good" FEB 14TH lol

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3 weeks gone and haven't heard anything about the Fujifilm camera since you notified me I won one, any news?

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Hi, hope you can confirm if you received my name and address via e-mail for the fujifilm camera :)
There's some brilliant b.o.b videos on youtube :D

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HEYYYYY!!!! I think I met u today :D

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from Austria!!!

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im lookin 4 a way 2 contact bob.. i kno most people think im craz for it.. and i understand that . y wud he get in to contact with me when im unknown. but anyway if anyone cud help me out i ll b mor than happy to show u y

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Need any help with the site? I'm a senior in college and I'd make the perfect intern..

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Hey people :), i need your help, if you like music, please answer this little survey, it's for my tesis, please take 5 min to help me

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(Bruno Mars Performance of me at the Garden City Hotel on my channel)

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B.o.B and The Magic Baby Check it out!!!

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hey dont know if you read these, but was wondering two thing firstly went to the gig in london last night and there was no t shirts or anything for sale!!!!!! was gunna buy 7 one for every day! but saddly there was nothing so is there any way i could get one ordered to england? and secondly a long shot but is there any chance at all of a signed photo?!?


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Bobby Ray, my friends and I have been listening to your unique music for the past three years when we discoverd you on youtube. We believe you're bringing the new revolution of music and your variety of talents not only in singing, but with instruments is amazing. Your songs are heart felt with each one describing something interesting, not just repeats like some other singers. the album is fantastic and inspires me in my ways. I want to thank you for everything and my friends and I would truly appreciate a tour in MASSACHUSETTS. B.o.B, you really are an up and coming star and I wish you the best of luck. Simply, a lyrical genius.

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any chance i could get the original sized photo of B.o.B and the crowd in milwaukee? Also thanks for posting it.


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when does the contest end and how many winners will there be? im in 3rd

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when does the b.o.b high score contest end?
i currently have the high score


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B.o.B. can't wait for the album to drop.

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when does bobby rays album drop ?