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Back and Forth



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United States


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B.o.B is the B.o.m.B

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Heeeeeey BoB my name is Ashley I absolutely love you. I really wanna meet you & I just wanna know how that can happen? Lol!!!Hopefully you can make your way to my city Chicago!

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yo b.o.b me and my friends are huge fans of your mixtapes and albums it would be awesome if you could come to oklahoma to do a concert in okc or tulsa. me and my friends would be the first to buy tickets

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This would be very cool if you could do that :)

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Hello B.o.B
I have a question for you....
I really love your songs and i wanted to ask you if i could get the licence for the song Magic ft. Rivers Cuomo... i want to use it for a Youtube video on my friends channel. Is this possible ??
Hope to hearing from you soon

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i see you ,i so happy in malaysia KL ^^ see you next time <B.o.B>

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Your music is a jacket that keeps the message inside it warm... Stay in the grey my friend and thank you for further opening my mind. I now understand the language you speak... The language most of us wont understand or cant...Peace and stay ready

p.s. You tasted that Annunaki ice cream with sprinkles