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ohh HEEYY!!,, I'm Joanne :) ,, chinese and from the U.K. ,, I'm currently 18 and go Aston Uni and i have been a MASSIVE fan of PARAMORE sinceee ermmm 2007 :) ,BUT, i have heard of them musically since 2005.

They were my FIRST proper concert EVER.. and from that day on i've like literallly fell in love with their music :). I live in a little town in Luton or what some people could call London aswell which is lame when we're really not in london LOL. I've only recently joined part of the paramore fan club simply cause my funds were low sadly!... So yehhhh,, Thats me wraped up in words! :D
...15/11/10.... The day i met PARAMORE @ O2 Arena <3
...16/11/10.... The day i sang with PARAMORE on STAGE :')
...29/08/10.... The day i cried to Paramore @ Reading :')

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