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Back and Forth



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Hey, I'm 16 and my name is Math.
I've come to realise it's different Every day. What would we do if we knew everything before that precise moment? I mean what if? That's a question too much people ask themselves. ''What if?'' Well, what I answer to it is:« Don't worry. Whenever there's something wrong, hold on to the brightest moment and don't let go... When you are depressed listen to music, scream your lungs out! When you are down grab your courage and empty you heart of bad feelings. You know, one day, I used to be like you, but not any more... Life isn't too short like some pretend. They just don't know how to enjoy every simgle second in their lives. I'll finnish this later cuz i gotta enjoy life now.

*Me./// Learning to play Bass, Growl Screams
*Maxime M.L./// Lead Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard
*David. G./// Rythmic Guitar, Screams
*Samuel. L./// Drummer

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