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~:.Lil Miss Thang.:~
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Hey, my name is Torrie Skrinski. I joined this site looking for music from B.O.B becasuse i heard the song "I'll be in the sky" at my brother's funeral and that song helped me cope with his death. I love that song! I live in Marrysville, Washington with my mama and brother's Brandon and Taylor. The only other place i've lived is Santa Rosa California. I love cars, video games (even though i can't play that well), and my amigos:)! My friends are like my family. Besides English i can speak's cool:). I have hella family and i love animals an takes in strays off the street alot: 6 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 birds.Wanna know more hit me up.

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Marrysvill, Washington
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