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Im a luh girl frum St. Louis, MO. dat jus all of a sudden fell in love with dis fyre asx nigga named B.o.B A.K.A. Bobby Ray Simmons. He is jus so fucqin fire 2 me. I would LOVE 2 meet him and str8 git to kno him. I aint even on no "groupie type shyt" These jus tru feelingsz i got 4 diz dude. I cant say i love HIM cuz i dont kno him enuff to love him but i knoo im in love with ALL his songs and him as a person but I would like t love him 4 Bobby Simmons. Wheneva he cum 2 St. Louis imma try 2 make dat happen L2MFH!!! But serious as a muthafucka! My love for BoB hs grown DRASTICALLLY like fa real, and dis happened in a matter of months. BOB is the kind rapper/singer/guitarist dat jus grows on u like fungus. He jus dat talented. I GOT HEEELLLLLAAA love fa my nigga BOB and iRespect EVERYTHING he do. He ALWAYS on sum real shyt. Sum ppl think im bullsytin when iSay we so much alike, bt im like a female version of him and he a male version of me. AND DATS REAL SHyt. NO BULLSHYT

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Saint Louis, MO
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