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Back and Forth



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Music is the only thing I ever had..parents were never there. Was brought up by my brother. I dont listen to music much anymore...there is nothing to listen to..its all bout drugs sex and ice, we need a real lyricist...and see that in Bobby Ray.
Maybe you think I am crazy for saying that I love Bobby Ray more then anyone- even my friends think Im crazy- but I never had anything other then music. And when these new weird artisits started rapping about stuff like how big their D**k is put me off music. "Honestly i don't even listen to rap, Cos when i turn the radio on, out comes crap"- Generation Lost. And then my brother made me listen to one of his song. It was so different and seemed more realistic then any other rap song of that time. I listen to alot of Old School, Jazz and Soul, Rock and Alternative. And it seemed he had the quality of combining all of it in one song.
To me,he brought music back to wat it initially was.

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