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Back and Forth



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Im fourteen , I just got a guitar i called it Taylor as in Taylor york im very random just ask my friends but their the same haha.You know your a hardcore paramore fan when you spend you nights past 6 am reading fanfiction about paramore.
2You learn the guitar because Paramore inspired you.
3.When your counting down the days waiting for the day when you wake up and can finally get a tattoo about Paramore i want ,But now I'm told that this is life And pain is just a simple compromise So we can get what we want out of it
4.When you had a dream about a member of the band.I had this dream about Taylor york giving me a hug it was the best hug i ever had
5.You either wake up in the morning and start singing their songs or can't go to bed at night because your too busy dancing and headbanging around your room while your ipod is on full blast with paramore songs on it so loud your sister can hear it from down the hall
6.You just really want to meet them and it would be a dream come true

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