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R.H. The Nightmare


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R.H. The Nightmare
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I live my life the way I believe is meant for me, There are Some things i have done or may do in the moment that may be judged, or some things that i believe that may be disagreed upon, but that doesn't make me individual from the rest of society. For the Moment i'm currently a College Student. but i moonlight as a aspiring Artist. I Use The Term, "Artist" instead of Just "Music Producer", because i don't just produce music, i reflect on the world through my music, i draw artwork and sketches to express others and my own opinions. and i write what i can't express in just song and visual..If You Know and respect me, you will understand me. but if you don't, you might as well not even try.......

R.H. Da Nightmare
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Swanton, OH
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