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Back and Forth



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My head nods with the beats,
my feet tap to the rhythym,
my lips hum with the tunes
and it boils from with in
until i can no longer contain it.

Then it breaks out in a smile,
a laugh, a dance, a cry,
a sigh, a hug, a kiss,
a flick of the fingers,
a sparkle in the eye.

Music lives!

I appreciate the thought process,
the talent and effort invested
into producing beautiful music
music that its ageless.

Ageless music that is stored in my head
attached with motion pictures from the past
which trigger emotions that keep me human,
love, happiness, sorrow, heatbreak, fear.

These are the memories I hold on to,
these are the memories I hope to share,
these are the memories I replay over and over again
these are my memories.

"No Mans Land" is a sound track to one of those memories.

Many thanks....

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