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Current City: Las Vegas, NV
Vegas is an experience that compares to few others and I should know. My credentials you might ask? I lived the first twelve years of my life in Tokyo, the next six years in Europe. Most recently, I have spent a year in San Francisco and the following year in Sonoma (yup ‘drink it up’ Wine Country baby) next stop Boston by way of of New Orleans (post Katrina…pre oil spill) and Miami to the Florida Keys. I’ve cruised the Caribbean (nothing like the booze cruises sporting gallon jugs of Bahama Mama’s) And of course Boston was amazing between the numerous trips to NYC and Hampton Beach, NH where I actually lived two blocks from the beach for four months.
I'm the author of Modern Urban Fantastic, Craving Desire, Vegas Zen and Modern Urban Delicious.

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Las Vegas, NV
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