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Tapiwanashe Mhlanga


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Tapiwanashe Mhlanga
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I'm from Bulawayo & I noe 4 a fact that i'm B.o.B's #1 Zimbo fan!!!!!
I'm currently doing Form 4 @ Girls' College and i must dat it's a blast(i'm sure it
is the xul with the craziest pple in da country.
Hip Hop is mi area of specialty if u noe wat im sayin.I have da art of distinguishing
the gud from the not-so-gud ones.
Did i mention dat im lyk head-ova-heels in luv with B.o.B and his muzik!!!!!!
Mi fav colours are electric blue and biack & i hate pink with a passion....eewww!
Mi fav song @ da moment gotta be's of da chains!!!!
I have 2 dogs who are very mentally deranged(juss lyk da owna i guess!)
I'm very social & i noe dis z crazy coz im lyk only 1.6m tall, but i think dat tall dudes r reeeaalllly cute!!!!!
i think dat dats round abt enuf info abt mwa
Oooh yah by da way i 1nce went 2 da shops in mi pjs on a Saturday morning @ lyk 10.00am!!!!!

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