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"Nothin' On You" Video Shoot

"Nothin' On You" Video Shoot
Posted by RB
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Beautiful girls ... all over the world ...

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i ♥ B.O.B's picture

ya'll can't be mad @ him ya'll make ya'll own video & add who yhu want cuz he jhuz doin him nd ya'll shuld do ya'll cuz he ain't khockin ya'll nd tellin ya'll wat 2 do he ain't wayne he don't like every girl and ya'll can't knock who he wants in his video cuz i liked what he did with the video it was different nd nice nd so what he didn't pick girls ya'll would pick he picked the ones he liked so ya'll hatin azz pll need to stop knockin him dang all the niggah tryin 2 do ihz get his point out nd do what he ?'s nd i respect him for that

the.eastsider.darling's picture

please have more brown chicks... you know, like atleast the complexion of your sister or girlfriend or of chicks you know--- please keep the patron, swag, and redbones for the past. its 2010, lets do it right.

ekd0602's picture

some girls are jealous

Alli_2's picture

I have to agree, if you couldn't find enough bitches to do it right then some kind of notification would have been nice. All these girls are pretty but not exactly unique to one another...

jessica523's picture

It's not cool to have a contest for "Beautiful Girls All Over the World" if you don't plan on going through with it. If you planned on getting models instead, at least let the people know. You got the hopes up for many girls. It was a JACKA** move and you made a lot of girls unhappy. THANKS A LOT A**HOLE!

Lalalove4love's picture

look at them beautiful ladies, I know Bobby Ray feel like he is now in heaven. You player! ! YOU ! ! !