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Back and Forth

Strange Clouds

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Buenos Aires

on Feb 23, 2012

Ya'll got me feelin' #sogood! We are #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts, and #2 on the overall charts. #TeamBoB is poppin! You know what else got me feelin' so good? "STRANGE CLOUDS" out 5/1 and this right here.

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"So Good" #4 on iTunes

on Feb 22, 2012

We did it. B.o.B's "So Good" is in the top 10 on iTunes. Top 5 actually! Thank you all. Hate to say it, but you think we could get it to #1?

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B.o.B's "So Good" Top 10 on iTunes!

on Feb 21, 2012

B.o.B's "So Good" is top 10 on iTunes. Let's get this baby to #1!

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B.o.B - So Good [Official Audio]

on Feb 20, 2012

Here is it: "So Good". Enjoy. And then buy it here on iTunes!