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B.o.B on 'Underground Luxury' and Discovering Future

on Oct 02, 2013

B.o.B discusses his journey as an artist, his new album "Underground Luxury" and his most cerebral song on his album 'Coast Line' with The Rolling Stone. Read  the full interview HERE.

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B.o.B Lavishes In Fans Twerkin' All Over Him

on Oct 01, 2013

B.o.B discusses upcoming goals and new dance phenomenon "twerking" in a short interview with Bossip.

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B.o.B Hot 97 Morning Show Interview

on Oct 01, 2013

Watch B.o.B on Hot 97 as he discusses hip hop, Kendrick Lamar and the new release of his upcoming album "Underground Luxury."

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Exclusive: B.o.B Says Grills Are Like Twerking “Everybody’s Doing It” [Video]

on Sep 19, 2013

Check out the exclusive interview with B.o.B and as B.o.B discusses, grills, twerking, and his growth as an artist for his upcoming album Underground Luxury. Watch the interview HERE.

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Music Choice's "The F Word": B.o.B [Video]

on Aug 02, 2012

Check out B.o.B up close and personal in Music Choice's original web series, "The F Word", where he breaks down what really comes with fame and how he handles it. He talks about his successes in the music industry and also speaks on the struggles that come with balancing fame and a personal life. B.o.B also reveals the one goal that he hopes to accomplish when everything is said and done. Watch the exclusive full-length episode here: