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<3's Paramore

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<3's Paramore
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paramore = my life. they are the most amazing band ever. I don't remember what I was doing before paramore, they have taken over my ipod. I have countless posters on my wall and every song by the band. Hayley is an idol and she is so inspiring. I love them, Hayley, Taylor & Jeremy. The music that they make really helps my mindframe. When I'm troubled, I put them on and suddenly, I'm so happy that I cannot stop smiling (and then freak my family out with how happy I am the rest of the day).
I never want Paramore to leave, cause well, that would just suck.

Oh, and before you ask, i didn't discover Paramore through Twilight. The only reason I watched it originally is cause of Decode (and I have a weird thing for vampires).

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Great Yarmouth
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