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B.o.B----- Auto Tune-----Spoof (Funny)

B.o.B----- Auto Tune-----Spoof (Funny)

Posted by: Busy
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on Feb 27, 2010
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We'll I was in the studio/
But i couldn't hit the notes/
I could've got a vocal coach/
But i ain't want no vocal coach/
Then someone showed me this plug-in/
So you can't hear the notes i miss/
So i don't need no vocalist/
And now i got an instant hit/


When I come through I'm a boss/
Everything i do i just floss/
And you know what I'm doing/
When do it, everything that i do is just real!/
And you know i ain't playing, im just saying man/
Everything in my brain is playing/
When im on the mic im blazing!/
Man who am I? Just like a super-saiyan/
Man I'm just saying!/
When I'm in the booth man I'm never, never playing/
And let me just quit it/
When I'm on the mic these lyrics i kick it/
And it's so exquisite/
Man i divide it up just like digits/
May i get a witness/
All up in church on sunday man, give it!/


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Sick of auto-tune too Bob lol.

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If U knew how much I want U 2 B bigger than Jay
Bigger than all
We shall C that day
Maybe B.O.B is gone but Bobby Ray can never fall
Bigger than the rest
Bigger than the one that think they’re the best
I see you reaching pass the limit many trying to touch
Never stutter, never fear, ever gives in... That’s why hater’s spit and coughs
You left them to dry in the dust
They say they raw, they say their rhyme is strong
But they are weak and yours go beyond
They have no soul, they say they got swagger
When you’re on top, still spitting the truth
Just wave and say “See you never sucker!”

Written by: LalaLove4Love

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at the very end, I love how youn looked at the camera. I was laughing so freaking hard, I cry, I fell and I was still laughing hours later. Awww man! I love your stupid, crazy ass. lol.

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I miss Nate Dogg